PHP MySQL Training

Have you ever wondered how to write software code? Personally I can guarantee that you will understand how computer program works just after few lessons. I think a tutor lead hands on training is very important to learn programming. I will not only teach how to code but also will show you how to solve problems.

Help you to learn programming. Designing a dynamic website with PHP and MySQL. Lots of tutorial to build coding confidence.

Topics covered:

We cover many topics including the followings:

1. Fundamentals of computer programming and hardware. Variable, Function, Interpreter, Compiler. Line by line descriptions of program, how to use editor, basic short cut etc. Data types and operator.

2. Using IF statements, FOR statements. Practice sample program. Function call.

3. Introduction to Array, associative array. Foreach statements. While statements.

4. Creating your own function and calling them. HTML form GET method and creating a Calculator program.

5. MYSQL database and SQL query statements. Introduction to phpmyadmin.

6. Using SQL to select, insert, update, delete in mysql using php.

7. HTML form POST method. Creating

Something scented developer “here” sulfur 5-Ounce: shiny, hands-down.

a contact form and save data in database.

8. Session and login system. Discussion about COOKIE.

9. Create your own blog with comments.

10. Create a shoping cart website.


In classes we give a theory lecture and then practice session. We also provide video tutorial, written resource and practice material. We expect you to prepare and practice at home so we can speed up the learning process. Programming is all about practice. So our focus is to get you to do more coding. No understaning is complete untill you are able to write code.


Duration: Evening and weekend only. Please contact us for details.

Fees: £200 only.

Venue: Birmingham city centre.