HTML CSS Training

This course cover everything about HTML and CSS. This is a hands on practical training course with lots of examples.

Target group:

You do not need any prior knowledge of HTML to do this course. Tailored for beginner who wants to manage website or like to build a career in webdesign. We will provide you a FREE accounts in our server so you can practice in a real world environment.

Topics covered:

We cover everything in this list and more.

1. SERVER, IP Address, FTP, Domain name, DNS introduction. You will be able to buy a domain and set it up.

2. Introduction of HTML Tags, Attributes and practice them.

3. Creating webpage using html and images. Creating webpage layout.

4. Introduction to CSS and their use. In depth practice.

5. Creating your first website with html, css and image.

6. Complete website with menus and HTML form introduction.

7. Adding interactive content like youtube video, Flash, Tabs, Slide show.

8. Install wordpress using control panel and edit content.

You will be provided with Practice material, videos and FREE access to our server upto one year to host your domain and practice. If you do not have your domain we will give you a subdomain.

Duration: Evening and weekend only. Please contact us for details.

Fees:  £200

To register or know more about the course please contact us.